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Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Virtual Tour of Seminar House 4

Come, gentle reader, let me take you by the hand and conduct you on a Photo Special of Moore Than This, as I show you around Kansai Gaidai's newest accommodation block, Seminar House 4.

My room, tatami mat and unamde bed as standard. My roommate's bed is just out of shot on the left. Always neatly made, it would have been an interesting contrast.

The dining room downstairs. The modern design I mentioned is on show here. It lets you see right through to the lounge and computer room, revealing far expanses filled with students doing as little as possible.

The communal kitchen. Everything has its place here...

...Except for English spelling and grammar.

This, then, is Seminar House 4. Where I sleep, eat, cook, wash, read, listen to music, watch TV, write pointless blog entries, and maybe occasionally do some work. In short, my home until the end of May.

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