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Saturday, February 11, 2006

The View From the Afternoon

Today I am too hungover for words. Went out to an izakaya last night with a few friends from Gaidai. Walking home, we ran into a pair of absolutely charmless foreign students, one American and the other Australian - the kind of people that give rise to the negative stereotypes of their countries. The American in particular was a real idiot, who talked about nothing but how much he hated Japan, and started play-fighting with me and James. To think I almost ruined my nicest pair of trousers grappling with some drunken oaf on a bridge. This is the kind of dissolute debauchery that would seem fun back in Leeds, but in Japan it is quite beyond the pale.

I woke up late. Staggered downstairs to the kitchen. On TV they were showing the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Torino. To my impeded brain, the costumed antics appeared strange and disturbing, and I escaped to the shops. On my way back to the dorms, I found someone's bike parked right in of the single ramp leading up to the bike racks, blocking anyone else from getting their bike in or out. Who could be so inconsiderate, I thought. A clue was provided by the clog keyring dangling from his bike lock...

The pernicious Dutch were to blame, of course. The tenor of international interaction round here has suddenly sunk. And those bizarre Olympic celebrations didn't help much, either.

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  • At February 12, 2006 10:44 pm, Blogger ODD said…

    Weird tonight I met two very nice Australian girls tonight we chatted about france, Tony Blair & John Howard and Paris.
    And as we chatted two idiot english lads in their souped up hatchback came and ordered burgers and then urinated right in front of the kebab van.
    So I guess you get them in all nationalities.
    sad but true.

  • At February 13, 2006 2:18 am, Blogger Jim said…

    Too true. One of the better things about living abroad is that people you meet who have also travelled here a bit more open-minded than the average populations of their countries (Britain included). I pointed out this instance of the complete opposite because I usually avoid people like that, and it was out of the ordinary to run into them.

  • At February 16, 2006 5:36 am, Blogger nayo said…

    Well I hope U have fun there.
    If U R ready to communucate with somebody...
    I mean if U really try to understand ..
    It doesn't matter what nationality it is. :)
    I feel U R beautiful person... :)



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