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Friday, April 07, 2006

Photography madness

I had the opportunity to play with an SLR film camera this week, thanks to a Japanese student who knows a bit about photography and would like to teach others. It was a very cool bit of kit, and just makes me want to storm Yodobashi Camera and buy a digital SLR. Unfortunately, not knowing the film in the camera was black and white, I took a load of photos of the sakura (cherry blossom) around Hirakata, as well as some arty scenes and candid shots of people. I'll scan the good ones and post them on Flickr when I get them developed. Speaking of which, out of my Flickr pictures the ones that are getting all the comments and views are the photos of silly Engrish signs that I take from time to time. If I wanted to turn this blog into a half-arsed version of I could well do so.

I plan to go to Osaka on the weekend with some friends for an overdue look at the sakura there. I'll be sure to take some photos with my digital camera. The ease of use, and the fact that a picture I take can be on the Internet by the end of the day is to me one of the best arguments for digital (MF may beg to differ though).



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