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Sunday, October 01, 2006

A trip round the neighbourhood

What's this? Another Moore Than This Photo Special to fill up space while Jim thinks of something to write about? Indeed it is!

While posting here has been very light as of late, I've been settling back into life at Leeds. My new housemates are a nice bunch, which is rather lucky considering I met them through a notice on a student housing website. I count myself lucky at having ended up in a big, comfortable room in a house with some fun people which is very close to campus. Anyway, settling in is all well and good, but it didn't give me many entertaining things to write about, and my work schedule means I can't comment on every bit of news I find interesting. Still, this weekend I had a bit of free time and managed to take my camera for a walk round Hyde Park (where I live) and the university area. Click each photo for full-size version.

my crib

My house, aka the Lair of Moore. A place where anything can happen, and probably already has.

royal park road

The view down Royal Park Road, looking toward the local mosque.

hyde park 003

Hyde park, in all its glory.

peel statue

The statue of Robert Peel, temporarily vandalised turned into a memorial for John Peel when he died during my first year.

at some point in this conversation you will lie

A bit of philosophical graffitti, found on a park bench.

parkinson building

And finally, the Parkinson Building, main entrance to Leeds University.

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